About Me

Welcome to Homeschool Momgineer!  After being an engineer for over 10 years, several years ago I left my corporate job to raise my three boys.  Since then, my life has changed in ways I could never have imagined, but one of the biggest surprises is I never stopped seeing the world with engineering eyes! Two years ago, we started homeschooling our three sons. Since then, I have learned so much as a mom, teacher, and wife.

Join me as I share what we learn during our Home School. From the curriculum we try, to the clubs we join, to the community we do life with, I hope to inspire you to become a part of your children’s education, however is best for your family.

But why write a blog about homeschooling? Because homeschooling seems hard, or even impossible. But here are a few reasons I chose to share our experience:

  1. Inspire parents to be the primary educators of their children. Before homeschooling, I often thought I was not qualified nor had the patience to homeschool my kids. While being home with my kids all day every day can have its challenges, I’ve realized that as their mother, I am more than qualified to teach them.
  2. Encourage parents to connect with their kids through education. One of the surprising outcomes from homeschooling is how much stronger my relationships are with my sons and my husband. Since we are together more than we are apart, we have a better understanding of each other, and are forced to work things out as a family. This has resulted in a stronger family bond, along with a strong sibling bond between by three sons.
  3. Enable parents (both homeschooling and otherwise) to be comfortable with teaching their kids. A lot of parents are intimidated by what their kids are learning. And it’s difficult for teachers to fill in all the gaps. I hope you will be inspired to help your kids see the fun in learning.
  4. Show parents and kids that learning, and education is a part of everyday life. We learn through every experience. Whether its by digging in the dirt and learning what lives in it, or filling up the tires for our cars, learning opportunities are all over the place.
  5. My passion really lies in the multiple educational opportunities homeschooling provides. Our family likes to explore all of them (that align with our interests). I’m sure some of them will be a flop, and others we will love but don’t have resources for, and others will become lifelong passions. Learn from our experiences and find out what you want to add to your home education.

Feel free to email me at christy at homeschoolmomgineer dot com, or join my newsletter for free activities to use at home!

Thanks for stopping by!