STEM Activities for Kindergarten

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STEM education is thought of as relevant for first grade and up. But I believe STEM education starts as early as possible!  I love doing experiments with my sons because it is growing their love of learning. They are seeing that learning is not just done within the walls of their school, but also at home. My middle son will start kindergarten in a year, so I am looking for fun STEM activities for us to do together. But as I looked at my own STEM activities, I realized only a handful were geared towards kindergarteners. So I decided to find some great STEM activities for Kindergarten, and  create the a list for us to work through in the next year! Here is the list of  STEM activities for Kindergarten!

30 Hands-on STEM Activities for Kindergarten | Fun Elementary STEM Activities!

STEM Activities for Kindergarten

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Easy and Fun Garden Science Experiment – From Engineer to Stay at Home Mom

Galaxy in a Jar STEM Activity for Kids – The Inspiration Edit

Tape Resist Dinosaur Bone Art – Pink Stripey Socks

Corny Science: Will it sink or float? – Capri + 3

Magical COLOR CHANGING Bracelets – Pink Stripey Socks

Growing Mint in Water – Sloely

Making Snow at Home when its Hot Outside – From Engineer to Stay at Home Mom

Simple Light Refraction Experiment – Look! We’re Learning

Floating Egg Experiment – Look! We’re Learning

Kids and Acids and Bases, not to be confused with Ace of Base – Really? Are You Serious?

Paper Chromatography Kids STEM Experiment  – Really? Are You Serious?

The Science Behind Melting Crayons – A Valentine’s Day Science Experiment – From Engineer to Stay at Home Mom

Investigating the Impact of Humans on Ocean Animals – Plasic Bag Jellyfish – Rainy Day Mum

Green Kid Crafts: The Crafty Way to get your Kids into Science  – What’s Up Fagans?

Orange Volcanoes – A Fun Science Experiment for Kids Using Simple Ingredients – The Art Kit

A Fun way to Teach Newton’s First Law of Motion – From Engineer to Stay at Home Mom

Heat Wave Science Magic for Kids: Make Crayons – Mama Smiles

How to make Grass Heads – Red Ted Art

Simple Science – Sprout Heads & Sunshine – Red Ted Art

LEGO Pendulum Painting and 100+ Ways to Create, Play, and Learn with LEGO – Kids’ Craft Room

Make an American Flag Using Water Science Experiments 


9 Math Apps to Improve Your Child’s Math Skills


Let’s design a zoo! – Pink Stripey Socks

Cotton Reel Car – Simple Science at Home – Rainy Day Mum

Stick Raft Building STEM Project –  Kids’ Craft Room

Teach your kid to be a Project Engineer! – From Engineer to Stay at Home Mom

STEM Challenge for Kids: Build a Hexbug Maze Using Straws – Buggy and Buddy

STEM for Kids: Egg Drop Project – Buggy and Buddy

STEM Challenge for Kids: Build a Shelter from the Sun and Test it with UV-Sensitive Beads – Buggy and Buddy

STEM Activities for Kids Using Household Items – Mama Smiles



Playdough Geometry: Exploring 2D & 3D Shapes – School Time Snippets

 Looking for STEM Activities for older elementary? Try some of these!

Teach Your Kid to be a Mechanical Engineer!
Troubleshooting Your Bot
Building Electrical Circuits and Playing with Light
Rainbow Crayon:  a Crayon Melting Point Experiment
Teach your kid to be a Project Engineer!
Make a Light up Card with a Simple Circuit!
Reverse Engineering a Fidget Spinner
Teach Your Kid about Biomechanical Engineering
Be a Process Engineer: Play How’s it made?
Material Science Activity: Building a molecular structure!
Teach Kids about Reliability Engineering!
Teach your kid to be a Materials Engineer!