Homeschool Momgineer

The last 3 days, my oldest son participated in his first debate tournament. He joined a local debate club last September and jumped right into the world of debate. He learned the difference between Lincoln-Douglas and Team Policy debates. He learned terms like affirmative, negative, constructive, cross-examination, and rebuttals. To […]

3 Benefits to Losing a Debate Tournament

My family started our homeschooling story last week. We met our co-op group, enjoying being with families again, each of my boys finding new friendships. I’m so glad we started homeschooling with a group of others who know so much more about homeschooling than I do. My fellow homeschooling moms […]

Simple Ideas to teach Atomic Number

Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to an inspirational young lady I recently met, Emily Bayuk. I was initially introduced to her through her circuits book ,”The Fundamentals of Circuits Made Easy“. In college I really struggled to understand circuits, and wish Emily’s book had been available back […]

The Best Circuits Book for Understanding Electrical Circuits!