16 Spider STEM Activities and Science Experiments

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Halloween will be here before we know it! Its time to get ready for all things spooky and scary. I don’t know about you, but not much is scarier than spiders (except maybe cockroaches)! With their eight eyes and eight legs, spiders strike fear in many of us. So lets get ourselves ready for the scariest holiday of the year with 16 Spider inspired STEM Activities and Science Experiments!

Get ready for Halloween with 16 Spider inspired STEM Activities! From slime to rock painting, making your own spider legs, your kids will surely be inspired!

Spider STEM Activities and Science Experiments

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Halloween Oobleck – Search For Spiders Game and Science Lesson

A great spider sensory STEM activity by STEAM Powered Family! Make Halloween inspired oobleck using two common kitchen ingredients and some food coloring. Just add spiders, and watch your kids touch, learn, and be inspired!

Spooky Halloween Spider Slime Experiment: Messy Halloween Fun!

Do you think slime could also be used as a spider web? Well it can, with this special slime recipe by Schooling a Monkey! Plus, slime is always a great sensory AND science activity.

Halloween Science Projects: Bubbling Spider Leg Potion

Another great spider experiment by Schooling a Monkey, with simple ingredients already at home! Explore chemistry and a properties of water by creating a spider leg “potion”.

Catch a Spider Fine Motor Travel Activity in an Altoid Tin

A great fine motor activity for prechoolers by Party Through the USA. Preschoolers practice counting, and develop their pincher grasp with this travel spider math activity!

Spider Web Slime Activity for Fall Science

A great slime recipe by Little Bins for Little Hands! Learn about slime as a non-newtonian fluid, and how the slime can be used for other Halloween inspired fun!

Spider Rock Painting Using Physics!

One of my favorite physics lessons with my kids on From Engineer to Stay at Home Mom! We used centripetal forces from a spin art machine to paint spiders onto rocks!

Halloween Spider Ice Melt Science Activity for  Kids

A great fine motor skill and STEM activity by Little Bins for Little Hands! Excavate spiders from ice, and explore phase changes of water!

STEM Challenge – Spider Web Hanger

An awesome spider web STEM challenge by JDaniel4s Mom! Follow the STEM Challenge Cards to explore 4 different spider inspired STEM activities.

Spider Life Cycle and Sequencing Cards

The Preschool Toolbox‘s hands-on spider STEM activity teaches preschoolers about the life cycle of spiders. Also included are cards to practice sequencing!

Spider Web Obstacle Course

A great spider web activity by Mama Smiles for a rainy day! Engineer a spider web obstacle course, then watch your kids navigate their way through!

Tensile Strength Experiment: Find the Strongest Spider Web!

A spider web science experiment by From Engineer to Stay at Home Mom. Build a spider web using 3 different types of web materials, then test the tensile strength of each spider web to find out which one is the strongest!

A Very Busy Climbing Spider Toy and STEM Craft

A gravity defying STEM activity by Creative Little Explorers, inspired by “A Very Busy Spider” by Eric Carle. Kids make a climbing spider, and play with their gravity defying spider!

Straw and Pipe Cleaner Spider Web

A spider web STEM challenge by Teach Beside Me! Build a sturdy spider web using only pipe cleaners and straws!

Spider Races

A game by Still Playing School perfect for a Halloween party. Using only air pressure and a straw, kids race their spider to the finish line!

Spider Web Science Activity for Kids

A spider activity by Buggy and Buddy that teaches kids how spiders figure out the size of their prey. The STEM activity also explores how vibrations transfer down a spider’s web!

Engineering a Life Size Spider Web

A STEM activty for the family to do together by KC EDventures. Engineer and build a human size spider web for Halloween night!

I love all of these spider STEM activities! Which ones will you try?

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