The Best Circuits Book for Understanding Electrical Circuits!

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Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to an inspirational young lady I recently met, Emily Bayuk. I was initially introduced to her through her circuits book ,”The Fundamentals of Circuits Made Easy“. In college I really struggled to understand circuits, and wish Emily’s book had been available back then. She is currently in college, and I asked to share her story and experience as an engineer. Her story will both amaze and encourage you!

The best circuit book! This book includes easily understood drawings of circuits with simple explanations. A great way to inspire kids to be electrical engineers!

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The Author’s of “The Fundamentals of Circuits Made Easy” Journey to Becoming an Electrical Engineer

I’ve shared some of my experiences as an engineer, both in college and as a professional.I first became interested in STEM while I was in elementary school. My favorite subjects were science and math. It wasn’t until I took physics during my junior year in high school, however, that I was first introduced to circuits. I found them so fascinating that I attended my physics teacher’s extra help hours to learn more about circuits. I loved how each one was like a mini-puzzle that I had to solve. One day, my physics teacher suggested that I look into electrical engineering, an area that analyzes circuits, as he was an electrical engineer in college.

Fast forward to today: I am an electrical engineering student at Bucknell University. I love that electrical engineering is problem solving that applies math and science to real-world situations. I’ve found the most challenging part of studying electrical engineering is time management. Engineers typically have more class hours because of lab periods, which means less time to complete homework. With good time management, however, the work is not as overwhelming as it could be.

I’ve also learned how important it is to ask clarification questions during class, since the material builds off of itself throughout each course, as well as the electrical engineering curriculum.

I’ve had amazing experiences as an electrical engineer. During the summer of 2019 I conducted research at Bucknell to help one of my professors investigate and determine the causes of GPS anomalies (incorrect data points from GPSs) by using machine learning. While I was on campus, I caught up with another professor and mentioned I hand-wrote and illustrated a book (for children ages 8+) about circuits during my senior year of high school. It was designed to inspire future STEM students (especially girls) and introduce them to circuits at an earlier age. The professor looked over my work and showed it to Bucknell’s electrical engineering department. They thought I should publish it!

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Writing a Circuits Book while in College!

Later that summer, I did just that. I published my book “The Fundamentals of Circuits Made Easy”, and now it is now available to purchase on Amazon.
I am currently writing and illustrating more books to create my series Inside Electronics. Each book will be similar to the first book: not formula filled, but rather a non-intimidating conceptual introduction to circuits. Each page explains a topic related to circuits in simple terms and analogies with fun illustrations.

In addition to writing, I have spoken at Girls in STEM events and hosted my own circuit workshop at the local children’s museum near Bucknell. This past summer, I was a machine learning software development intern for Booz Allen Hamilton. Throughout my internship, I learned about the machine learning process, pitched new technologies to my team, and implemented those technologies into their programs. I was also introduced to computer architecture, while working through a cyber security challenge that used reverse-engineering and binary exploitation. Now that I’m back at school, I’m continuing the machine learning-portion of my internship as a part-time employee for Booz Allen.

Emily’s Future Plans

Although I’m sad to be graduating from Bucknell in the spring, I’m excited to start a career in the consulting industry.

I hope you were encouraged by Emily’s experience in engineering! I know she will have a long and successful career!

If you are interested in learning about circuits, or know someone struggling to understand them, I encourage you to purchase Emily’s book, “The Fundamentals of Circuits Made Easy“! You can also learn more about Emily on her site

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