15+ Science Projects for 5th Grade!

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My oldest enters 5th grade next year. I decided to create a list of fun science experiments for us to do together during the upcoming school year. If you have a soon to be fifth grader, I encourage you to connect with you kid by doing some of the following science projects. I know my son and I will enjoy our time together, learning and exploring. For your inspiration, here is the list of 5th grade science projects we will do together next year.

Looking for 5th grade science projects? Here is a list of over 15 science project ideas, including environmental science, physics, chemistry, and more!

5th Grade Science Projects

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Environmental Science Projects

Inspire kids to solve our world pollution issues with one of these environmental science projects.

Water Testing Kits for Science Activity
Energy-Efficient Windows Science Project
Water Pollution Activities for Kids
Outdoor Science: Biodiversity for Kids

Environmental 5th grade science projects.

Chemistry Science Projects

Chemistry is a lot of fun, and can seem like magic. Try one of these chemistry science experiments to peak kids interest in chemistry!

Grow Gold Overnight! A fun experiment for kids
Iodine and Starches Visual Science Experiment for Kids
How to Turn a Penny Green Science Project
Mentos and Diet Soda Experiment with Free Lesson Plan

Chemistry 5th grade science projects.

Forces & Energy Science Projects

Forces and energy are the basics of physics. Physics can seem to be overly complicated and intimating. Explain physics using paintballs or one of their favorite toys, and it suddenly so much less intimating! Try one of the energy and force science projects for more physics fun.

Paintball Forces Science Experiment
Beyblade Experiment: What affects Momentum?
How to make an articulated hand {with cool movable fingers}
C is for Catapult!
DIY iPhone Speaker to learn about sound
Easy Beyblade Science Experiment: Explore Different Types of Beyblades

Physcis 5th grade science projects.

Other great 5th Grade Science Projects!

Kids Science: Toilet Paper Comparisons!
Hurricane Tube
Components of Blood Activity for Kids
Rock Science Experiments

Other great 5th grade science projects.

When you try these experiments, I would love to hear from you! Please contact me at fromengineertosahm at gmail dot com, or on Instagram (@fromengineertosahm) and Facebook (@fromengineertosahm). Hope to hear from you soon!

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