Pumpkin STEM Activities and Science Experiments

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During my weekly grocery trip, I took a look around. I quickly realized I was surrounded all things pumpkin! That’s how we know its officially fall in Texas. While the weather is still in the mid-90s, the pumpkin creamer, drinks, bread, chocolate, and all other pumpkin item emerge. So in the spirit of fall, I created the ultimate list of pumpkin STEM activities!!

Over 25 Pumpkin STEM activities to do this fall!

25+ Pumpkin STEM Activities and Science Experiments

Pumpkin Chemistry

Pumpkin Volcano Science Project
Hand Painted Pumpkin Bath Bombs Recipe
Pumpkin Slime with a Real Pumpkin
Pumpkin Oobleck with A Real Pumpkin
Oozing Pumpkins: Creepy Halloween STEM Fun
Halloween Science Experiment: Pumpkin Rockets
Bubble Science Experiment With Pumpkins!!
Fluffy Pumpkin Slime
Pumpkin Slime Recipe using Contact Solution & Real Pumpkin Seeds

Chemistry pumpkin STEM activities

Pumpkins and Electricity

Harvest Fruit Battery – Using Pumpkins and Squash
Pumpkins With Squishy Circuits

Electricity pumpkin STEM activities

Pumpkin STEM Challenges

Five Little Pumpkins STEM Challenge
Painting Pumpkins with Paintballs: A Quick STEAM Activity
Hot Wheels Pumpkin Tunnel STEM Challenge
Stacking Pumpkins Activity : A Fall STEM Activity for Kids
Pumpkin Train Tunnel
Pumpkin House: Engineering Project for Kids
Pumpkin Science Experiment for Preschoolers/Kindergarten

Pumpkin STEM challenges

Free Toy Car Preschool Math Activity!

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Pumpkin Science Experiments

Pumpkin Catapults ~ Science Experiment & STEM Exploration Fun!
Levitating Pumpkin Experiment
5 Little Pumpkins Preschool STEAM Science Experiment
Optical Illusions: Fun Science Activities for Kids

Pumpkin science experiments

Pumpkin Math Activities

Pumpkin Geoboard
Pumpkin Math and Engineering Challenge
How to Make a Pumpkin Geoboard for Super Fun Pumpkin Math

Pumpkin Math activities

Pumpkin Investigations

What’s inside a pumpkin investigation
Exploring a Pumpkin Activity
Pumpkin Sensory Bags – Sensory play for Babies

Pumpkin investigations

I’m excited to try these pumpkin STEM activities with both my boys at home, and my preschoolers at school! Which ones will you try? I would love to hear from you about your STEM activities!

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