25+ Halloween Science Experiments to do with your Kids! 2

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Now that school has started, and we’re starting to get into the swing of things, I realized Halloween is just around the corner! I love to perk my sons’ interest in Engineering by doing fun experiments to tie in with upcoming Holidays. For example, near the fourth of July this year, my son experimented with water while making an American flag. I also want to have fun with some Halloween science experiments, but instead of coming up with my own, I decided to find some experiments from fellow science bloggers. I was amazed at the creative experiments that explored all areas of science, from circuits, to buoyancy, and even magnetism! Here is my list of over 20 fantastic Halloween Science Experiments to try with your kids!

Halloween Science Experiments for kids | A list of over 25 Halloween inspired Experiments to do with your kids + a free calendar!


25+ Halloween Science Experiments to do with your Kids!

Over 30 science experiments for kids to do. One for each day of the month of October!
Creepy Halloween STEM Activities That are Totally Spooktacular

Explore chemistry and phase changes with this fun Gummy Mummy Experiment!
Lego Gummy Mummies – Part Science, Part History

Make plastic skull and bones from something that is sitting in your fridge right now!
Glow In The Dark Milk Plastic – Non-Toxic, Easy, Fun!

Learn about Circuit while making a scary pumpkin to greet the trick-or-treaters!
Halloween Pumpkins With Squishy Circuits

Find out how to make a ghost disappear, and have fun with material science!
Amazing Vanishing Ghosts

Apply the same chemistry from an erupting volcano to a pumpkin!
Halloween Ghost Pumpkin Science Activity
Make a Pumpkin Volcano!

Put a Halloween twist on making slime!
Vampire’s Blood Taste Safe Metamucil Slime
Googly Eye Liquid Starch Slime
Making Glow in the Dark Slime

Halloween Science Experiments for kids | A list of over 25 Halloween inspired Experiments to do with your kids + a free calendar!

Learn about buoyancy with these fun pumpkin experiments!
Do Pumpkins Float? Do Other Fruits and Veggies Float?
Project Pumpkin!

Play with the tensile strength of a spider web!
STEM Challenge – Spider Web Hanger

See what happens when you fill a pumpkin full of dirt and seeds.
Kids Gardening – Planting a Pumpkin’s Seeds in a Pumpkin

Bubbling ghosts will teach your kids the science behind bubbles!
Ghostly Halloween Bubble Science Activity for Kids

Make a spider web, and let your kids explore vibration!
Spider Web Science Activity for Kids

Discover how a tea bag can make a ghost fly!
Halloween science: Flying tea bag ghosts

Explore what happens to a pumpkin over time, and learn how to write a scientific journal!
Easy fall science: Pumpkin decomposition experiment

Halloween Science Fun

It’s melting! A fun twist to making playdough!
Halloween Sensory Activity: Melting Halloween Play Dough

Teach your kids about optics by creating an optical illusion!
Create your own Optical Illusion

Make a ghost and bat levitate using magnetism!
Spooky Levitating Puppets | Halloween Science

Learn what bread and witch’s brew have in common!
Witches’ Brew | Halloween Science for Kids

Try one of these 7 Halloween science experiments with dry ice.
7 Ways to Play with Dry Ice + Water

Play with potions and chemistry!
What’s in the Witch’s Kitchen?

Make a ghost dance and play with static electricity!
Halloween Science: Dancing Ghosts and Bats

Do this super safe and fun experiment with your preschoolers!
Ooey-gooey Halloween Science

Make a Ghost fly with these common household ingredients!
Halloween Ghost Science Activity

Carve a pumpkin with your preschooler, then experiment with your creation.
Pumpkin Carving with Young Children


What do you think of this list of fun experiments? They’re great, aren’t they!? I plan on trying each one with my son in October, and bring some fun hands on learning to Halloween!

Looking for more great hands on science experiments and activities? See what else is on From Engineer to Stay at Home Mom!

Law of Inertia Experiment using a Fidget Spinner!
Center of Mass Fidget Spinner Experiment
How to make a Fidget Spinner
Reverse Engineering a Fidget Spinner

Teach your Kid about Biomechanical Engineering
STEM In the Kitchen
Tinker Crate: Exploring Polymers
Tinker Crate: Circuits and Optics
Teach your kid to be a Materials Engineer
Teach your kid to be a Project Engineer
Teach your kid to be a Reliability Engineer
Teach your kid to be a Mechanical Engineer
Be a Process Engineer: Play “How’s it Made?”
Exploring Energy: How Are Height and Distance Related?

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