25+ St. Patrick’s Day STEM Activities

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Looking for some fun activities to do this St. Patrick’s Day? Try some of these great activities to add some learning to your St.Patrick’s day!

25+ St. Patrick's Day STEM Activities and Science Experiments! Catch a leprechaun, make a rainbow, and so much more!

St. Patrick’s Day STEM Activities!

Leprechaun STEM Activities

Leprechaun Rocks – Fun St. Patrick’s Day Chemistry Experiment
Hide the Leprechaun’s treasure in a rock, then use chemistry to find it again!

Leprechaun Traps
Check out some trap ideas, then design your own!

Articulated Leprechaun Paper Puppet for St Patrick’s Day
This St. Patrick’s Day, make a puppet leprechaun using levers!

LEGO Designs: Leprechaun Trap
Design and build a leprechaun trap using Legos!

Rainbow STEM Activities

Rainbow Crayon – a Crayon Melting Point Experiment
Learn how the color of a crayon changes when it will melt, then make a rainbow crayon!

Make a Rainbow using one of the Properties of Water
A fun and simple STEAM activity using a property of water to make a rainbow!

Rainbow Shamrock Salt Painting Art Project
Art and science combine when you make a salt rainbow shamrock!

Rainbow Rainy Day Art STEAM Project for Kids
Play with the rain, and see what happens when you leave your art in the rain!

Rainbow Science for Kids: Homemade Spectroscope
Make a spectroscope at home this St. Patrick’s day!

Rainbow Science for Kids: Exploring Prisms
Explore how you can make rainbows of your own using prisms!

Book Inspired Rainbow Science STEAM Activities for Kids
Be inspired to make your own rainbow after reading “A Rainbow of My Own”.

St. Patrick’s Day STEM / STEAM Activity
Help the Leprechaun find its gold by making a crystal rainbow!

Learning About Rainbows with Roy G Biv the Leprechaun!
Explore rainbows with these hands on science and math activities!

Rainbow baking soda science experiment for kids
Make an exploding rainbow with this simple chemistry experiment.

St.Patrick’s Day Activity (Make a Skittles Rainbow)
Taste and make a rainbow with Skittles!

Grow your own Crystal Rainbow!
Make a rainbow, then make it even more beautiful by crystallizing it!

Skittles density rainbow
A fun density experiment using skittles!

Make Rainbows using CD
Making a rainbow can’t get easier than this easy light experiment!

More St. Patrick’s Day STEM Activities

Magic fizzing shamrocks
Paint lucky shamrocks, then make them fizz!

St. Patrick’s Day STEM Activity Sensory Bottle
Count and experiment while building this fun sensory bottle!

Screen Free Coding Activity for Preschoolers
Help your preschoolers practice matching and sequencing using their favorite cereal!

Coffee Filter Shamrock Craft
A great preschool science activity! Explore capillary action using coffee filters and water.

Combine music and art to make a beautiful St. Patrick’s Day cards
Explore what happens when you combine two colors, and then make St. Patrick’s day cards!

Math Games for Kids: Gold Coin Hide-and-Seek
Practice counting with this fun St. Patrick’s day game!

Coin Flip Ten Frame Activity for Kid
Help the leprechaun count his gold using a ten frame!

Lucky Charms Catapults for St. Patrick’s Day
Build a simple machine lever, then shoot Lucky Charms across the room!

Digging for St. Patrick’s Day Gold Activity
Dig for gold in ice this St. Patrick’s day! A great preschool STEM activity to learn about the phases of water, and to add some sensory play!

St. Patrick’s Day Fizzy Pots Science Activity
Make a fizzing pot of gold with this fun activity!

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St. Patrick’s Day STEM Activities
Try one of these STEM activities this St. Patrick’s day!

Pick out some of these STEM Activities this coming St. Patrick’s and have some fun!

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