40+ STEM Activities for the Kitchen

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Are you intimidated by the thought of STEM activities at home? My boys and I love getting hands on, and experimenting together. Most of our experiments do not even require a trip to the grocery store. A lot the activities we do together I pull together using ingredients we already have right home! So if you think you need to go out and buy a bunch of supplies to add STEM to your kids’ day, check out one of the following STEM activities for the kitchen. You might be surprised which ones you can do today!

STEM Activities to do in your Kitchen with your kids !

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STEM Activities with Fruit and Vegetables

How to Extract Strawberry DNA Science Activity
Erupting Lemon Volcano Chemistry Experiment
Orange Volcanoes
Dancing Fruit Experiment-Simple Science
Apple Science for Kids: Exploring the Inside of an Apple
Engineer Apple Towers
Acids and Bases Experiment Exploring pH Levels

Over 40 Kitchen STEM activities to do with your kids!

Sweet Kitchen STEM Activities

Hot Chocolate Science Experiment
Candy Maze
How to Make Ice Cream Quicker using Heat Transfer!
10 Jello Science Experiments
Homemade Ice Cream Edible Science
Edible Science: Rock Candy
Sedimentary Rocks Model
Homemade Slushie: Science with a Tasty Result
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Candy Experiments
Food Science for Kids: 3-ingredients, 1-minute Chocolate Cake
Science Lessons From Making Freezer Bag Ice Cream
Edible Mars Soil Space Experiment
Chemistry for Kids: Edible Atom Models
What’s Inside Your Blood Science Experiment – An Edible Model
NEW Science Activity Book for Summer Learning

Over 40 Kitchen STEM activities to do with your kids!

STEM Activities with other Kitchen Ingredients

Magic Color Changing Oobleck Science Experiment
Melting Ice Experiment
Cracked Rainbow Dinosaur Eggs
Sensory Smell Bottles
Baking Soda Volcano Experiment
STEM Water Experiments
Egg STEM Activity
Preschool STEM Camp Day 1: Engineering & Building
Baking Soda and Vinegar Science Experiment: Exploding Baggies
Baking Soda and Vinegar Science: Dancing Rice
Exploring the Density of Liquids with Salt
Iodine and Starches Visual Science Experiment for Kids
Rainbow Milk Experiment: Simple Science
How to Mummify a chicken, Science Sunday
Egg experiment showing mirror illusion magic trick
9 Science Experiments for Kids with Salt
Baking Soda Art
Bath Bomb Recipe

Over 40 Kitchen STEM activities to do with your kids!

STEM Activities using Kitchen Utensils and Tools

Building a Colander Trampoline
Preschool Food Groups Investigation Station
Science Craft for Kids: Milk Carton Candles

Over 40 Kitchen STEM activities to do with your kids!

What an amazing list of boredom busters! I can’t wait to try some of these this summer, and during any long break next year. Which ones are you excited to try? Do you have any kitchen STEM activities to add to the list? I would love you hear from you! Email me any time at christy@homeschoolmomgineer.com!

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