7 Easy Spanish Lessons for Kids of Any Age!

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My mother is a retired Spanish teacher, so when we decided to start homeschooling, I asked her if she could give my boys Spanish lessons once a week. She emphatically said yes! Spanish is her first language, and she was excited to share this part of her history with her grandsons. As we’re drawing close to summer, and my parents will start traveling a bit, we decided to bring out Spanish lessons to an end for the school year. But I don’t want the boys to forget all they have learned this past year, so I thought I would share with you what we did. This way, I can reference back to all the lessons during our break!

Spanish lessons for any age!

Our First Year of Spanish Lessons

Spanish Lesson #1: Numbers and Colors

Spanish lessons started out with some basics, colors and numbers. To introduce colors and numbers in Spanish, we first watched and listened to Rockaligual’s song “Colores y nĂºmeros”. The boys loved singing and dancing along to this song! Even now, six months after introducing it to them, they boys still sing and dance with the song when we watch it!

To practice the colors in Spanish without the song, I made some quick flash cards. I printed and laminated them so they would last longer in our house. Things can get destroyed pretty easily at our house.

Colors spanish lessons
Color spanish lessons

Spanish Lesson #2: Shapes!

Our next Spanish lessons involved learning shapes in Spanish. My mom found another great video to help the boys learn their new vocabulary. The video is by Super Simple Spanish, and uses repetition along with a catchy tune to help kids remember their new words.

I also made some flash card for the shapes to review without the song. Feel free to print and laminate them to use at your home!

Shapes Spanish Lesson 1
Shapes Spanish Lesson - 2

Spanish Lesson #3: Days of the Week

Another set of useful word for kids to learn in Spanish are the days of the week, and the months of the year. To learn the days of the week, the boys watched this video. While the video is entertaining and fun, my 5 and 7 year olds needed to watch this video a lot. But to be fair, they are both still memorizing the days of the week in English.

Spanish Lesson #4: Seasons of the Year

Around springtime, my mom thought it would be fun for the boys to learn the seasons of the year in Spanish. She found another video with a catchy tune, and the boys learned to say some difficult Spanish words, like primavera and invierno. I also made a quick matching game for the boys!

Spanish Lesson #5: Food (Comida)

We took our time with this unit, because there was so much to learn! First, we learned the words for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and the food we eat for each meal, with a simple song by Calico Spanish for Kids. We also closed the unit by taking a trip to our local grocery store, and finding all the foods we had learned. Then we ended our trip with refrescos for everyone!

To practice the vocabuilary we learned, I created some simple matching worksheet. The first time we tried the worksheets, the boys matched while watching the video. The second time, they tried to match the words on their own. I will use the worksheets over the summer to review what we learned.

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    Spanish Lesson #6: Clothing

    Sr. Soto was a great teacher for clothing (ha!). The video we used to learn the names of different articles of clothes was a fun rap by Sr. Soto from SingAndLearn-Spanish. My youngest two danced around the living while Sr. Soto broke down the world of clothes in Spanish to them. So fun! For my oldest (who is a proficient reader), my mom made English/Spanish flash cards for him, while the younger two matched pictures of clothing to the Spanish word.

    Picture Matching Clothing Spanish Vocabulary

    Download your own free copy of the matching cards I used for my youngest two here:

    Clothing Spanish Vocabulary Flashcards

    These are the matching word cards I made for my oldest son. Simply print, cut, and they’re ready to use!

    Spanish Lesson 7: Feelings

    Our last unit for the year was on feelings. The boys first learned that when they are expressing their emotions, they always start by saying “Estoy…” and then say the emotion. This video was super simple and helpful to help them learn emotions vocabulary in Spanish. The video ends with dog expressing different emotions, which the boys LOVED!

    I also created matching cards for the boys to practice the emotions. Just print, cut out, and practice matching the Spanish word to the correct emoji.

    The boys really enjoyed their first year of Spanish lessons. The lessons my mom brought each week were fun and easy for me to recreate with the boys. I loved all the videos she found, as they were all fun to learn and dance to. I love listening to the boys sing their Spanish songs as they play in their rooms or outside. My goal for the boys is not for them to be fluent. Instead, I hope they grow accustomed to saying Spanish words. Early exposure to Spanish will help them have an ear for the Spanish accent later, and help them with proper pronunciation when they are older.

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