Seed Planters – Recycling Project for Kids

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Much like everyone else, my family has been taking a lot walks. Along our walks, we have been picking up items that would usually be thrown away by the landscapers who maintain our neighborhood. Our finds have included acorns, sprouting trees, and a yucca plant seed pod. One day, after our walk, we decided to plant our yucca seeds. To avoid a trip to the store, we decided to recycle some of our empty water bottles and toilet paper rolls to make seed starter planters. I also thought it would be a great recycling project for my kids!

A great recycling project for kids! Recycle water bottles & toilet paper rolls to make starter seed pots.

An Easy Recycling Project for Kids

My oldest and I made two different types of planters. The first was made using a toilet paper roll. Toilet paper rolls really seem to be piling up around here, with everyone home. I decided it would be a good idea to reuse them as seed starters, instead of throwing them away. Plus, toilet paper rolls are biodegradable,, so there is no leftover pot once the seed grows and is ready to be planted in the ground!

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Recycled Toilet Paper Roll Seed Pot

  1. Cut a toilet paper roll in half.
Cutting a toilet paper roll in half.

2. On one end of a toilet paper roll half, fold two edges towards eachother.

First step of our recycling project for kids to make a seed pot.

3. Tape the two edges from step 2 together, then fold the other two edges towards eachother.

Pointing the corners towards eachother.

4. Tape the two edges from step 3 together.

Final seed pot, upside down.

5. Fill your little seed pot with dirt, add the seed, then cover it with just a little dirt. Water, and set aside in a sunny spot!

Our final step to our recycling project for kids. Planting a seed in our seed pot.

The second planter we made was out of water bottles. We have a lot of these right now, with all of us home. While we do recycle them through the city, I thought repurposing them would be great too!

Recycled Water Bottle Planter

  1. Cut the water bottle in half.
cut a water bottle in half.

2. Trim the top of the bottom half of the water bottle, about a half inch past the point where the water bottle starts opening back up after necking down.

trim the bottom of the water bottle.

3. Place the top of the water bottom upside down, into the bottom part of the water bottle, as shown below.

Place top of water bottle into the bottom half.

4. Place a few small stones in the bottom of the water bottle planter.

Place rocks into bottom half.

5. Fill the top half of the water with dirt, then place seeds on top of the dirt.

Adding seeds to our pot.

6. Cover the seeds with dirt. Place the top half of the water bottle into the bottom half, with the opening pointing down. Fill the bottom half with water. Now the you have a self watering planter. All you need is to keep the bottom part full of water!

Our finished second recycling project for kids!

We set all our planters in a nice sunny spot, and keep them moist to make sure the seeds can germinate.

All our seed pots together.

Our recycling project was really fun! The boys loved digging in the dirt, and planting the seeds. I can’t wait to watch our seeds grow!

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