Rocket Science for Kids!

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Space amazes all kids. Even from a young age, the idea of space and all the stars, galaxies, and planets it comprised of was enough for me to get lost in my thoughts for hours. When my sister was in middle school, she was able to attend space camp, which I made me so jealous! But during college, I secured an internship at NASA in Houston, and learned all sorts of fun things about space travel and the space station. I even got to talk to astronauts that were living on the space station about equipment the team I worked with had recently sent up. It was so awesome!

My boys are similarly fascinated by space and space travel. When I was contacted by Plum Spark about their creative learning boxes, I was immediately drawn to their rocket science kit!

Rocket Science Activity for kids with Plum Spark! Learn the parts of a rocket ship while building your own rocket ship!

Rocket Science for Kids: Plum Spark Rocket Box

I received a free box from Plum Spark, but all opinions about the box are wholly my own.

When Sandy (creator of Plum Spark) first contacted me about her subscription box Plum Spark, I was immediately intrigued. Her boxes are inspired by her own son’s curiosity, and are meant to be done with parent and child together. I asked her if the boxes could be made for my three sons to do together, and she said yes! I was so excited that all 4 of us would have the chance to explore together!

When we opened our rocket science box, we saw supplies for all 3 boys, and some fun riddles to share together!

Rocket Science for kids! All the supplies provided with our Plum Spark box!

As I read to the boys about the different parts of the rocket, the instructions guided them how to make the rocket part. First we made the core stage of the rocket.

Rocket Science for kids! My 5 year old making his own rocket!

Decorating the rocket with stickers was a great fine motor activity for my middle son!

Fine motor skills practice while making his own rocket!

Next we made the main engines of the rocket. My younger son needed help with this part, and my oldest did it on his own, and even developed his own way of creating his rocket’s engines.

Rocket Science Activity for kids with Plum Spark! Learn the parts of a rocket ship while building your own rocket ship!

Next we added solid rocket boosters to our rocket. We learned from our Plum Spark box that the solid rocket boosters detach from the rocket after initial take-off. So we added the boosters to our model rocket, and they were even detachable!

Our detachable solid rocket boosters!

The last part to our rocket was the launch abort system. We placed our toy animals included in the Plum Spark box into the launch abort system, and our rockets were complete!

My boys had a lot of fun learning rocket science while building their model rockets with Plum Spark! They both named their rockets, and were so proud of their creations!

Rocket Science for kids!! My two boys are so proud of their rockets!

My youngest son (3 years old) hasn’t made his rocket yet, but his oldest brother is excited about making the rocket with him.

The Spark Plum box also included an activity that explores UV rays, and the effectiveness of different materials to block out the rays, and some space riddles. My boys and I enjoyed solving and laughing at the riddles together!

I encourage you to try Plum Spark! My boys loved building their own rocket, and learning together. The adventure guide included clear and easy to follow instruction. It also provided simple, yet thorough explanations of what was learned in their “Find out more” section.

Plum Spark was a great way for us to spend a summer afternoon, learning and making together!

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