Fall is finally here, and the boys and I wanted to start decorating for Halloween and fall. While we could do the traditional carving of a pumpkin, I’m fairly certain knives and kids are not a good idea. Also, I had an unfortunate pumpkin carving incident in middle school, so […]

Melted Crayon Pumpkin STEAM Activity

My middles son is in first grade, and they are starting to learn to skip count. Being a visual and tactile learner, my son needs a different way to practice both counting by ones and skip counting. I tried practicing counting by twos verbally, but he really struggled to understand […]

13 Skip Counting Hands-On Activities

As the beginning of the school year is approaching, and many of our children will be learning virtually, and hands-on learning will be at a minimum. STEM activities are a great way for kids to apply many of the concepts they will be learning from school. From problem solving, math […]

12 STEM Subscription Boxes for STEM at Home

We finally jumped on the DisneyPlus bandwagon about a month ago. After watching all my childhood favorites, I finally let the boys start watching some of the other shows. They started by watching every episode of “The Floor is Lava”, then stumbled upon a show that looked really interesting. “Shop […]

STEM Challenge Inspired by”Shop Class”

I received a free trial box from Raddish kids, but the opinions in this post are completely my own. I recently had an opportunity to try out Raddish Kids’ cooking subscription box. Cooking is NOT one of my strengths. I have 5 go-to recipes that I do really well, but […]

Get Kids Cooking with Raddish Kids!

Why are dads always so hard to shop for? Probably because they end up buying whatever they need or want on their own, leaving their love ones with little options come gift giving time. Subscription boxes give you an opportunity to give dads something he never would have found at […]

The Perfect Gift for the Dad who loves Science!

Before starting school each day, the boys and I take a walk before starting school. During our first walk, I we picked up acorns we found around the oak trees. Then, one morning, we found an acorn with a small tree popping out of it! We continued to look for […]

Discovering the Acorn Life Cycle During Morning Walks

Much like everyone else, my family has been taking a lot walks. Along our walks, we have been picking up items that would usually be thrown away by the landscapers who maintain our neighborhood. Our finds have included acorns, sprouting trees, and a yucca plant seed pod. One day, after […]

Seed Planters – Recycling Project for Kids

Have you every done the classic egg in vinegar experiment? My oldest and I did a long time ago (like back in the day when I had a full time, put on nice clothes and go to work kind of a job). The other day, my husband brought brown eggs […]

Brown Egg in Vinegar Experiment

My oldest enters 5th grade next year. I decided to create a list of fun science experiments for us to do together during the upcoming school year. If you have a soon to be fifth grader, I encourage you to connect with you kid by doing some of the following […]

15+ Science Projects for 5th Grade!