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I received a free trial box from Raddish kids, but the opinions in this post are completely my own.

I recently had an opportunity to try out Raddish Kids’ cooking subscription box. Cooking is NOT one of my strengths. I have 5 go-to recipes that I do really well, but that’s about it. My husband, on the other hands, is an amazing cook, which means the boys are all interested in cooking. But the boys are with me most of the time, so I’ve been looking for ways to teach them to cook. When I heard about Raddish Kids, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to teach the boys to cook!

My three boys learn science while cooking with Raddish Kids! Get your kids cooking too!

My boys cooking with Raddish Kids!

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My middle son was the most excited about our Raddish Kids box. He is always trying to help me and his dad cook, and has even learned to make mac and cheese (which isn’t really cooking, but close for me).

We opened the box to find all these goodies!

Our Raddish Kids box!

As we do with all our subscription boxes, we opened the box and surveyed all the contents. Our box was themed the “Taste of Thailand”, and I was excited to share some different flavors with the boys. In our Raddish Kids box we found:

  • 3 fold out recipe cards
  • Shopping list to make all the recipes
  • a Chef’s Challenge card
  • a card with instructions on a Thai Fruit Carving
  • A patch for the kids to commemorate their cooking experience
  • 4 table talk cards
  • A kid sized whisk

My Little Ones’ Raddish Kids Experience

All three boys were really excited about the box coming. My middle one was with me when the box arrived, and was so excited he was the one who brought the box in the house.

Our Raddish Kids box has arrived!

Each boy decided which recipe they wanted to make, and I took the shopping list to the store.

My youngest two decided they wanted to make chicken skewers together. We measured each ingredient together, and talked about the units of measurements we were using. The boys learned that a teaspoon is smaller than a tablespoon, and what a half is. They measured 1/4 cup and 1/3 cup, becoming familiar with a cup as a unit of measure, and not just something they drink apple juice from.

My two little ones making chicken skewers.

While cooking, they discovered that adding heat to sugar makes it dissolve faster in liquids, and garlic becomes more fragrant when cooked. After the chicken had marinated, they learned that chicken absorbs liquids and spices. And when the chicken came out of the oven, they saw how adding heat removes moisture.

When their dad served the chicken they had cooked to the family, both of them were just beaming with pride! They had made dinner! And what’s more, they also learned science and math.

Mmmm! So yummy!

My Oldest One’s Raddish Kids Experience

My oldest son decided he wanted to make the dessert included in the kit, Mango Sticky Rice. Especially because his dad told him sticky rice was one of his favorite desserts as a kid.

He pulled out the recipe card, ingredients, and made his dad a dessert all by himself! The instructions were so simple, with clear illustrations for each step. The only part I helped him with was serving (only because I was trying the minimize the mess).

Raddish kids instructions are so easy to follow.

While he cooked, he also observed absorption of water into rice, and sugar becoming a solution with coconut milk.

My oldest son making mango sticky rice.
So good!

This is why you get kids cooking early! They learn so many math and science concepts, all while making delicious food for their family. While measuring the ingredients, my kids learned about fractions and units of measurement. The science concepts my boys observed included:

  • solutions of sugar with other liquids
  • adding energy to heat water
  • absorption of spices and liquids into chicken without heat
  • absorption of water into rice with heat
  • chemical and physical changes of chicken when baked

And the child’s self-confidence of learning to cook is incredible. All three of my boys were so proud of what they made for their parents! And that’s what parenting is all about. Giving your kids opportunities to learn skills, build their self-confidence, so, someday, they enter the world self-sufficient. Raddish kids helps us parents, do just that.

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