The Perfect Gift for the Dad who loves Science!

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Why are dads always so hard to shop for? Probably because they end up buying whatever they need or want on their own, leaving their love ones with little options come gift giving time. Subscription boxes give you an opportunity to give dads something he never would have found at they store. Both my dad and my husband are engineers (I know…surprise, surprise), so I put together a list of subscription box gifts for dads who love science!

Need gift ideas for your science loving dad? He'll love these curiosity inspiring, and quirky gifts!

10 Gifts for Dads who LOVE Science!

Gifts for Dad all year – Subscription Boxes!

My first six recommendations for gifts for dads are subscription boxes. I love subscription boxes because they can be more tailored to the person I buy them for. Plus, I can gift the person I’m giving to more than once in a year, without having to even think about it! So here are five of my favorite science subscription boxes that are a perfect gift for dad this year!

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    The perfect gift for dads who love science! This box has been featured on both Mental Floss and Buzzfeed! Every box will have some of the most interesting pieces of matter in the universe. Feed dad’s curiosity, with five to six specially picked out items just for him!


  • Maker Box
    If your dad is really into 3D printing, then this is the perfect gift for him! Each monthly box comes with 4 samples of different 3D printing filaments. Some upcoming materials include Glow in the Dark, Metal, Wood, Bronze, and Carbon Fiber! The box also comes with exclusive deals for full size spools of the samples in the box.

Maker Box

  • Happy Family Clothing
    My husband LOVES graphic tees! And the more unique, the better! So for him, this is the perfect gift for dad. Each month, dad will receive a hand screen printed tee shirt, available in a variety of fun colors. All designs are original Happy Family Clothing designs and have been seen on popular shows such as The Big Bang Theory (CBS), The Last Man on Earth (Fox), and The Daily Show.

Happy Family Clothing

  • Skulls Unlimited International, Inc.
    Do you have a dad who is really into paleontology? Feed his interest of bones by gifting him a Skulls Unlimited International box. Each box includes a carefully selected animal skull, and an informative card with facts about the animal of the skull received. So not only does he have a really cool animal skull, but he also feeds his thirst for knowledge!

Skulls Unlimited International, Inc.

  • Craftsman Crate
    Dads who love science, love learning hands-on. After a stressful day, the best way for these dads is unwind is to use their hands. That’s why the Craftsman Crate is great! Dad can learn new skills that use his hands (like soldering, leather working, wood working, and glass etching), and maybe find a skill he really enjoys! My husband started wood working by making a few things around the house, and he found out it was the best way for him to unwind.

Craftsman Crate

  • Outside The Box Creation
    A great activity for dads to do with their kids! Outside The Box Creation teaches kids to build and program electrical projects. First dad can work with their child to solder a circuit, then work together to program their new creation!

Outside The Box Creation

Any of these boxes would be the perfect gift for dads who are curious, and love learning! And to be honest, I would love a subscription to any of them too!

Gifts for Dad to Release His Inner Kid!

    What better gift to give a dad who loves science, than a gift that DEFIES gravity! The Feel Flux comes with the tube you see below, and a magnetic ball. Dad drops the ball into the tube, and watches as the ball slowly falls down. The Feel Flux has all sort of cool physics going on, which your dad will love learning about. Also, he’ll have fun figuring out a bunch of cool tricks he can do with the Feel Flux!

FEEL FLUX - Skill Flux - Graphite Gray -  - Fat Brain Toys

  • UGEARS Mechanical Business Card Box
    Ok, so this is just cool! I wish I had one of these business card holders! If your dad especially enjoys mechanical things, your dad will love this card holder! First he will enjoy assembling the gears train, support structure, and card box. Once it’s all put together, he’ll pull on the lever in the back, the gears will move, and the card box will open. The only problem is he may be so mesmerized by his new contraption, he might forget what he’s supposed to be doing.

UGEARS Mechanical Box -  - Fat Brain Toys

  • XXL Gear Cube
    My husband loves the classic Rubik’s cube puzzle, but he figured out the algorithm to solve the puzzle a few years ago. Ever since, I’ve been finding him difference cubes for him to solve. The gear cube adds the next level of complexity by requiring TWELVE turns to complete a full rotation. That’s crazy, but oh so fun for dad’s who love a good challenge!

XXL Gear Cube -  - Fat Brain Toys

  • Chaos Machine
    Have you heard of Chaos Theory? Chaos Theory basically says that within chaotic systems (like weather, for example), there are underlying patterns, connections, feedback loops, and repetition (along with some other complicated science and math things). The chao machine lets your dad learn and explore chaos by building seven different pendulums. Then he can go even deeper by building his own pendulums!

Chaos Machine - Building & Construction for Babies - Fat Brain Toys

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