A couple of weeks ago, the boys and I experimented with making 3 different types of crystals. With Saint Patrick’s day just around the corner, I wanted to do something related to the coming holiday. Our crystal experiment made me wonder if we could make our own golden crystals, and […]

Grow a Pot of Gold! Crystal Science Experiment

My oldest has really been into crystals for a few years now. Every time we go for a walk, or join our Cub Scout pack for a hike, he spends a lot of the time searching for crystals along the way. He once made crystals during an event at church, […]

Crystal Science Experiment at Home

The season of love is upon us! While we don’t really celebrate Valentine’s day at our house, I don’t mind using the holiday to do some fun science experiments and STEM activities! I put together a list of over 35 heart themed science and STEM activities in honor of Valentine’s […]

Heart Themed STEAM/STEM Activities

In a previous post my son’s explored semipermeable membranes (coffee filters) by creating beautiful art. While admiring their art, I realized these would make beautiful valentines! All we needed was a change of colors, and addition of some hearts to make an adorable, custom valentine. While I contemplated ways to […]

DIY Valentine using Water Science

For New Year’s Eve this year, my family celebrated with dinner with neighbors, and a fun STEAM activity involving coffee filters and capillary action. We watched as color exploded on the coffee filter, creating our own (safe to use inside the house) fireworks. I wanted to use a different kind […]

Semipermeable Membrane STEAM activity

Use capillary action to create beautiful fireworks at home! Using common supplies at home, watch a colors explode using water!
Whether it is New Years, July 4th, or just a really big party, there’s no better way to celebrate big than with some colorful explosions (or fireworks)! When I was a young child, we lived in a small town, and one of my many uncles owned a bit of land […]

Capillary Action Color Explosions!

I LOVE reading to my kids, both at home and at school. My favorite children’s books are ones that broaden kids imaginations, and challenge them to stretch their mind. But when teaching 2 year olds, stretching and challenging young minds looks a little bit different than the latter years of […]

“If I Built a House” Preschool STEM Activity

A few weeks ago I joined a group of bloggers to share our math art projects. I shared a geoboard my boys and I made using natural wood, and it gave me an idea! Every Christmas, my husband and I give each of our boys an ornament that reminds of […]

Geoboard Christmas Ornament STEM Activity

Thanksgiving is only a week away. This year, Thanksgiving with be at our house, for the first time! All the meal items have been assigned, and dinner time has been set. But while all the feast plans are set, it’s also important to think about the little Thanksgiving guests. While […]

8 Turkey STEM Activities for kids this Thanksgiving

Last week I had a phone conference with my youngest son’s preschool teacher. She said the only thing he needs to work on, right now, is number recognition and counting number 6 through 10. With Thanksgiving only a few short weeks away, I was reminded of a simple turkey counting […]

Simple Turkey Counting Activity