Geoboard Christmas Ornament STEM Activity

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A few weeks ago I joined a group of bloggers to share our math art projects. I shared a geoboard my boys and I made using natural wood, and it gave me an idea! Every Christmas, my husband and I give each of our boys an ornament that reminds of the year past. My middle son really took to the geoboard we had made, so I decided we would make a geoboard ornament together this year for his special ornament!

DIY geoboard ornaments for your kids to make this Christmas. My 5 year old loved making his with me, and I loved our little one-on-one time.

Geoboard Christmas Ornament

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STEP 1: Make a 1/2 inch grid on the face of the natural wood ornament.

  • Draw a horizontal line on the face of the tree cookie.
  • Starting at the left end, dot the line every 1/2 inch.
  • At the first dot, draw a line perpendicular to the first line, all the way down the ornament.
  • Draw another horizontal line 1/2 inch below the previous line, making sure it is parallel to the line above it.
  • Draw a dot where the perpendicular and second horizontal line intersect, and every half inch down the horizontal line from there.
  • Continue to draw and dot lines 1/2 inch apart, all the way down the ornament.

STEP 2: Add nails. Hammer a nail into the tree cookie at each dot from STEP 1. I would start the nail for my son, then he would finish hammering it into the wood, leaving about 1/4 inch of the nail sticking out of the wood.

STEP 3: With all the nails in, our natural wood geoboard ornament was complete!

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STEP 4: Add a design to the geoboard ornament. I pulled the yarn, and asked my son to cut it. I tied a knot to one of the nails, then asked my son to create a design around the nails.

STEP 5: When my son was done with his design, I tied the yarn to one of the nails, then trimmed and tucked the yarn into the design.

With my son’s ornament finished, I wrote his name and the year on the back, then he hung it on our Christmas tree.

We had so much fun making his ornament together. But I think my favorite part is watching my 5 year old smile every time he passes by the Christmas tree. He is so proud of himself. And so am I.

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