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In my most recent post I wrote about how you can save on engineering toys through Groupon Coupons.  Another fantastic way to save on these same toys is through Groupon Goods.  A quick search on the site, and I found a ton of engineering toys available at discounted prices!

Engineering Toys for Kids! | Find discounted Engineering and STEM toys for Kids on Groupon Goods!

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3 Great Engineering Toys Found on Groupon Goods!

Here are my three favorite toys I found on Groupon Goods:

  1.  Magformers Magnetic Dinosaur Construction Sets:  What kid doesn’t love dinosaurs?  And building their own is even better!  But what I really love about this toy is that it shows how a form as complicated as a dinosaur can be broken down to circles, squares, and triangles.  Being able to conceptualize how equipment can be broken down to its basic parts is an essential skill to master as a mechanical engineer.
  2. Magformers Power Gear Building Set:  Another great Magformer set!  This set teaches kids about the transfer of movement from a motor, to a gear set, and finally to another object.  Most machinery I worked with as an engineer works in a similar way.  If a kid can understand the transfer of movement while they play, they will be able to have better understanding when they see it on a much larger scale.
  3. ScienceWiz Magnetism:  One of the “weed out” classes I struggled with in college was called “Electricity and Magnetism”.  I was never exposed to either of these concepts before college, so I really struggled to understand.  I really wish I had had this science kit, which explores the laws of magnetism through play!

If you’re looking for a way to save on educational toys, try using Groupon Goods.  Do a quick search yourself and see what you can find!

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