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Next month, Carla from Preschool Powol Packets will be hosting the first ever Homeschool STEM conference! The conference will be dedicated to helping homeschoolers and educators incorporate STEM into their curriculum. Held March 7-9, the 3 day conference will include practical and encouraging advise from speakers of various backgrounds to help you teach STEM! If you need even more reasons to attend the conference, here are 10 more!

Need help adding STEM to your Homeschool curriculum? Join us for the first Homeschool STEM conference for help and inspiration!

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Reason #1: Its online!
That’s right! All the conferences I’ve ever attended required me to get out of bed, take a shower, put on nice clothes, then drive somewhere. But not this conference! You can attend from the comfort of your own home, and without the burnt conference buffet coffee.

Reason #2: Its only $15!
What!?! Yep! You read that right! Most conferences with this kind of line-up cost over $100 per attendee. But the Homeschool STEM conference only costs $15!

Reason #3: Free Lifetime Access!
Every session was prerecorded, and registration includes anytime access to the sessions once the conference is over. So no need to worry about feverishly writing copious notes during the conference! Enjoy listening to each session first, then revisit them all at a later time to apply the concepts.

Reason #4: Phenomenal Speakers
You would not believe the speakers who will be at this conference! Some of the most popular STEM bloggers will be teaching sessions. A few include Cerys Parker, from Rainy Day Mum, Karyn Tripp, from Teach Beside Me, and the host, Carla Jansen, from Preschool Powol Packets and Teaching Without Chairs. Other presenters include homeschooling moms, teachers, a hardware and software developer, and (of course) me, an engineer turned stay at home mom! Click here to learn more about the speakers and their sessions!

Reason #5: You don’t have to choose between sessions!
One of the things that frustrates me the most about live conferences, is inevitably I want to attend two session during one allotted time. So I choose one, and miss out on the other. But registration for the Homeschool STEM Conference includes access to all of the sessions, so no missing out on important information to help with teaching STEM!

Reason #6: Swag bag!
One of the best part about conferences is the free stuff. Well, the Homeschool STEM Conference isn’t any different! On the first day of the conference, all participants will be able to download a digital “swag bag!”. The digital swag bag will be filled with coupons to get FREE and DISCOUNTED products to help you teach STEM subjects! The savings in this “goodie bag” are WORTH MORE THAN THE CONFERENCE REGISTRATION FEE!!! So, basically, you’ll be attending the conference for free.

Reason #7: Relevant and Interesting Topics!
All of the sessions sound fantastic! Topics include making high school biology and chemistry fun, to block-based programming basics, to integrating art into math and science. My session is about simple machines, and includes hands-on activities with all six types of simple machines. For a full list of the sessions, click here! I hope you enjoy each session!

Reason #8: Daily Giveaways!
On the first day of the conference, all attendees will be invited to a live Facebook group that will provide giveaways and door prizes throughout the 3 day conference. How awesome is that? More free resources!

Reason #9: Vendor Hall!
Another amazing part of the Homeschool STEM conference is the Vendor Hall. The Vendor Hall is also an additional live group in Facebook where you can find products for sale that will help you teach STEM subjects. An invitation to join the group on the first day of the conference as well! 

Reason #10: Hands-on Session about Simple Machines!
Do you need an easy way to introduce your kids to simple machines? Then you’ll love my session on Simple Machines! In the session, I explain what simple machines are, and why we should study them. Then I go into details about all 6 types of simple machines. Each simple machine description includes activities to show how the simple machine is used. All of the activities can be easily done using materials you already have at home!

So are you excited now!?! If you’re ready to register, just follow this link! I hope to see you there!

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