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I truly enjoy sharing my love of science and math with my kids. While I usually create activities for us to do together, I often gain inspiration from other STEM bloggers. Their creativity helps me share science experiments I wouldn’t have otherwise thought of, or different ways to teach my sons the same concept. Many of them have expertise I lack, so I reach out to them to learn how to help my sons with concepts they are not grasping at school. I hope you will head over to each site, and gain inspiration for awesome STEM projects and activities!

Find the best STEM activities and projects from the top STEM bloggers! From preschool to high school, you'll find STEM projects for any age!

Top STEM Websites for the best STEM Projects

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STEAM Powered Family by Shelley
At STEAM Powered Family we are constantly looking for ways to foster curiosity and a love of learning in our children, regardless of ability or history. With a focus on STEM and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math), and positive children’s mental health practices, our goal is to foster resilient, passionate, healthy minds for our future generations.

Science Kiddo by Crystal Chatterton
Hundreds of simple science experiments, beginning coding lessons, fun math activities, and engaging STEM activities for kids ages 3-10.

Crystal recently published a fun book “Awesome Science Experiments for Kids” with over 100 fun science experiments, each explaining the science behind the experiment!

Share it! Science by Sarah Benton Feitlinger
Sharing creative science, STEM and STEAM activities and resources for hands-on, minds-on learning at home and school.

As the number of STEM teachers at schools has grown in recent years, so has the need of great STEM resources. Sarah has put all the must have resources in her post “30+ Science, STEM and NGSS Teaching Resources to Use This Year!“. Be sure to share it with your kids’ STEM teachers!

Little Bins for Little Hands by Sarah
Simple projects that make science and STEM accessible for all kids including slime making, engineering, and experimenting. All activities are easy to follow, use limited resources, and can be done with a limited amount of time in the home or classroom.

If your kids LOVE slime, they’ll absolutely love Sarah’s most recent book “Ultimate Slime Book“!

The Homeschool Scientist by Marci Goodwin
The mission of The Homeschool Scientist is to equip and encourage homeschool parents by taking the fear out of and putting the fun into science education.

Schooling Active Monkeys by Brenda Priddy
Simple STEAM activities for active kids.

Check out Brenda’s book with all sorts of fun experiments you can do in a mason jar!

Inspiration Laboratories by Trisha Stanley 
Sharing play-based science (STEM) and kids’ activities for a variety of ages.

Preschool Powol Packets by Carla
 Preschool activities, freebies, science, STEM, and more! If you’re looking for an entire year of weekly STEM activities, visit Carla’s STEM Curriculum: STEM Project of the Week – 52 STEM Activities and Science Experiments!!

If you teach preschoolers, you’ll love her book “21 Counting Rhymes for Kids Ebook“, with fun ways to get your little ones counting!

Mama Smiles – Joyful Parenting by MaryAnne Kochenderfer 
Building a rewarding family life through mindful parenting, hands-on learning, and creative family activities.

Teaching Without Chairs by Carla
Homeschool ideas, lessons, science, STEM, and more for active kids!

Carla will be hosting the first Homeschool STEM online conference this March, so be sure to register later this month!

Teach Beside Me by Karyn Tripp
A site that helps parents, teachers and homeschoolers educate creatively. Includes hands-on learning activities and printables for a variety of topics with a large focus in STEM.

Thriving STEM by Christy McGuire
Fun ways to approach science, math, technology, and engineering.

I hope you take the time to visit each one of the STEM bloggers. They each have a wealth of knowledge, and have varying offerings to help you get your kids excited about STEM. I know my kids at preschool, and my own children have all benefited from these bloggers!

Interested in STEM projects here on From Engineer to Stay at Home Mom? Here’s a list of some of my most popular STEM activities and science projects!

Wind Energy STEM Activity
Appearing Snowflake: a Winter Activity for Kids
Painting Pumpkins with Paintballs
Paintball Forces
Physics for Kids with Beyblades
Easy Beyblade Science Experiment: Explore Different Types of Beyblades
Angular Momentum Experiment with Beyblades!
Making the Layers of the Ocean-A Density Activity

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