The First Day to a New adventure of something I never planned on doing

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My first day after deciding to be a Stay at Home Mom
July 14, 2014, my first day as a stay at home mom went pretty well. All three of us got ready, had breakfast, and went to Aldi. Then a nap for Leo, and lunch with my big boy. I was even able to get Niko to take a nap so I could clean one bathroom before Leo woke up. Then I played with Leo for awhile, and put him down for second nap just before Niko woke up. Then, my favorite part of the day, Niko helped me clean the remaining two bathrooms! I mean, he really helped! Not the “helped’ me but really just made more mess to clean up, but really cleaned with a sponge.  I’m so proud of how much he really wanted to help mommy with the choirs.  And he was so happy to be helping me.  He really is an amazing little boy.  I’m wondering how much about Niko I don’t know…
Leo woke up from his nap shortly after we started cleaning the master bathroom, and we finished up cleaning while he watched.  After cleaning was done, it was time to start dinner, so I cooked while the boys played together in the living room. A pretty good first day in deed. The worst part was biting into my pumpkin emapanada, just to find out it was moldy. I ate around the mold.